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Seed Bomb Sunflowers

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Aussie Seed Bombs are an easy way to beautify your garden or ugly bare patch in your yard. Specifically designed for hard to reach areas, Seed Bombs are now used as a modern convenience.
Seeds are protected from birds and when the weather is perfect, your seed bomb will be triggered into the germination phase.
Handmade Aussie Seed Bombs are made with our unique formula of premium clay, organic compost and organic non GMO seed.
Compost is screened by hand and Bombs are also hand made for premium quality.
Aussie Seed Bombs are perfect for beginner to advanced gardeners.
Fantastic way to educate ourselves & our Children with how and why our food & pollinators are so important.
Our packaging is unique, organic, recyclable, re usable and most importantly plastic free!


All season planting variety of sunflower varieties
Requires Planting in Full sun
Min of 3-5 seeds per bomb