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A dictionary of omens and superstitions By Philippa Waring

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A dictionary of omens and superstitions By Philippa Waring 

Paperback 304 Pages

What does it mean if a cat sits and washes itself in your doorway?
Why should women have their hair cut only when the moon is waxing?
Why do people from Yorkshire throw caterpillars over their shoulders?

Do you avoid anything with the number thirteen and cross the road to avoid walking under ladders? Belief in superstitions links us to a time when everyday events and objects had magical significance, and knowledge of these could change your fate.

Whether you wish to increase your good fortune, ward off bad luck, or simply desire to know what today has in store, A Dictionary of Omens and Superstitions provides a complete guide to hundreds of portents, signs and customs, tracing the origins of our superstitions and explaining their rich symbolism.