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Wild Alchemy Lab An Astro-botanical Remedy Deck

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Wild Alchemy Lab An Astro-botanical Remedy Deck

A DECK OF 52 WILD PLANT CARDS with remedies and recipes to soothe and treat the emotional and physical body

BEAUTIFUL BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATIONS by Raxenne Maniquiz will help you to identify the plants, and enable you to channel their energies

ALCHEMY MEETS ASTROLOGY - the ancient practices of alchemy, astrology and wildcrafting combined

USE THE DECK FOR SELF-EXPLORATION with meditation ideas and oracle spreads to help you connect with nature and yourself

DISCOVER MORE about the practice of alchemy and astrology in the accompanying booklet

Wild Alchemy Lab is a beautiful gift for nature lovers intrigued by the mysteries of the universe. Each of the 52 cards in the deck features a wild plant, beautifully illustrated, accompanied by its astrological correspondences. The back of the card features a brief description of the plant, some context from history and mythology, and a recipe for a medicinal or culinary use of the plant. The accompanying booklet gives the history of alchemical practices and offers information about when and where to forage, some tips for preparing the plants and some other ways you can use the cards.

Wild Alchemy lab explores the wisdom of nature and the cosmos, and seeks to cultivate and reclaim the sacred relationship between plants, planets and people.

Each plant has vibrational signatures that corresponds to the elemental and astrological frequencies, these offer a window into it's soul: it's desires, it's values and it's actions.

these cards will introduce you to some of the basic principles of alchemy in philosophy and practice. they can be used in the creation of remedies, and energetically as vibrational tools.